Shawn Whelan

61 Condell Street
Fitzroy VIC 3065

M  0418 613 898
E  info at shawnwhelan.com.au

  Serving Melbourne, regional Victoria, Canbera, Adelaide and Sydney

"...making a difference through dialogue..."


Shawn Whelan

Do you find yourself:

  -   stuck in a conflict, and unsure of how to move forward?
  -   working in a group that struggles to make good decisions?
  -   wondering how you could resolve issues more effectively?
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                              Whelan, Mediator Facilitator and

I can assist you:

  As a mediator - working with two or more parties to a specific dispute to help them discuss their differences more constructively and, if they choose, to resolve their dispute;
As a facilitator - guiding the process of meetings, without being caught up in the issues to be decided on; or
As a consultant - analysing conflict situations, coaching one or more people in effective communication and conflict resolution skills, and a wide variety of other tasks.

So have a look around this website - and then call me on 0418 613 898 to discuss how I can help. You’re also welcome to email me: info at shawnwhelan.com.au (replace the “at” with “@”;  this helps me avoid web-generated spam).

 "...making a difference through dialogue..."