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"...making a difference through dialogue..."




Mediation is a process in which two (or more) people who are experiencing conflict are assisted by an independent third party to:

  -   discuss their differences more constructively;
  -   identify possible ways of addressing their core hopes and concerns; and
  -   make agreements with each other about part or all of the dispute, if they wish.

As an accredited mediator, I don't act as a lawyer or a judge, nor do I pressure anyone to "settle" a dispute if it doesn't make sense to them to do so. However, I can help you avoid the costs, stress and delay of going to court (or of letting the conflict fester). In mediation, people are often able to improve their damaged relationships and find creative solutions to protracted conflicts.


Because I don't give advice on what the outcome should be, but rather use my expertise to manage a process in which you can develop your own solutions, I can help you with disputes of all kinds.

You should consider mediation for...

  Disputes within organisations, between:   Disputes between organisations:
  -   employees, or between employees and managers   -   a company and its customers or suppliers
  -   members of a church or non-profit organisation   -   congregations, parishes or church agencies
  -   business partners, or members of a governing board or committee   -   related companies or associations
  -   family members or domestic partners   -   community groups