Shawn Whelan

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  Serving Melbourne, regional Victoria, Canbera, Adelaide and Sydney

"...making a difference through dialogue..."



I have used my skills in communication and conflict managment to assist individuals and organisations in a wide variety of projects. A few examples follow, to spark your imagination. Better yet, call me on 0418 613 898 to talk about how I can meet your specific needs.  If I can't assist you, I will happily refer you to others who can.


If you're experiencing conflict yourself, or working for an organisation that's being damaged by internal or external disputes, you're probably wondering what on earth to do next.

In these situations, a thorough conflict analysis can be invaluable. Using powerful analytical tools developed at Harvard University, I can help you to work out what's going wrong and what you can do about it. My advice might be to negotiate it yourself (with advice as to how), to engage a faciliator or mediator (with suggestions for who), or it may even be that your dispute is one of the few that really does need to go to court. Whatever the recommended next steps turn out to be, you will be much clearer, more confident and more effective in pursuing them.


If you recognise that your communication and conflict management skills could be better (and whose couldn't?), but you don't want to attend a training course, then private coaching is just what you need. It's customised to meet your individual needs, with flexible scheduling to suit your diary. Once we start working together, I can also provide just-in-time assistance by phone or email.


While I do most of my group training through CMA Learning Group, I also provide training directly to some clients - typically churches and non-profit organisations. If you'd like to improve the communication and conflict management skills of your group through one or more training workshops, call me to discuss the best way of arranging them.